Haliburton Highlands by name and Highlands by nature, mostly because it’s one of the highest regions on the Canadian Shield. Haliburton Highlands raises the standard for all of Ontario in warmth, hospitality and adventure. It’s filled with forests and art, nurtured by local communities who love their home as much as you will. Rising above the surrounding areas, the Haliburton Highland has protected its natural setting for you to come and enjoy.

Whether you’re exploring in a pack or as a lone traveller, Haliburton Highlands gives you the perfect canvas to showcase your journey. Characterized by the Haliburton Forest and Algonquin Provincial Park, the Highlands have become an outdoor paradise to learn and experience our lush environment. The research and sustainable management of the forests have inspired the neighbouring communities to nurture their homelands. The locals take great pride in their Highlands, and they love to share it with you.

Adventure awaits in the Haliburton Highlands, where the joy is as much about how you get there as to where you are going. It is all connected by a network of hiking and biking trails, and the spirit of storytelling weaving its way through. Guides are available to teach you the basics and then set you free into the wilderness. As you explore the environment, take inspiration for the colours, textures and heritage. You can see the same inspiration throughout the art community as you travel from town to town. Every season brings a new outlook, and every township gives a new perspective.

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